Saab V4 Hot Rod Saab For Sale


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Photos below are large to provide better detail...

$Buy it now for: $2000 Ready for the road!

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This V4 Saab is just right for the Saab enthusiast looking to get into a Hot V4.

I've had the car for a number of years. I've rebuilt most of it during that time. The lower end of this engine has a fresh rebuild, new bearings, rings, seals. The crank was turned. It has a moderately aggressive cam. Heads and valves are fine. Here's the list of goodies:

Car is currently a daily driver at Tahoe. Hurry buy this car before I change my mind.

Dennis O'Connor

South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Note: Highlighted area is rusted through. I can supply a clean truck with the car.

Note: Brake MC has been replaced with a New Old Stock MC.

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