Attack of the Possessed Goose

By Ben

Have you ever seen a goose with a featherless head and a real bad temper? Well, I have scars and I have witnesses for that unfortunate day when I was attacked by that evil devilish thing. I was only seven when this happened and it all started like thisš

It was a sunny day in Elk Grove Park with my sister Jamie, Cousin Nick, Aunt Kris and Uncle Dan. We were having a picnic under a big oak tree. The park smelt of cinnamon and the warm beef ravioli my aunt made. Then my aunt said, " Would you kids like to feed the ducks, I brought some old bread?"

With excitement, the three of us yelled, "YEAH!" We took the rotting bread with the stench of salmon because it was in the freezer with that old fish. The pond had an old oak bench with copper bars holding it up. We sat down on the old bench with lots of carvings in it and started throwing pieces of bread in the pond. I threw small pieces, while my sister and cousin threw whole pieces. They soon ran out and left me alone on the bench.

Meanwhile, a big goose was getting mean and started biting my shoes. This goose was tall enough to look me straight in the eyes when I was standing up. Its bald head made it look like a vulture. It had a really thick neck and a giant head the size of a shot put ball. For those who don't know, a shot put is a lead ball thrown in the Olympics. I thought it was funny and I soon left as well, but the goose was chasing me and I soon figured out I had the salmon smell on me.

I started running and screaming in terror, " The goose is going to eat me!" I was running so fast, I ran into a tree not paying attention to where I was going. The goose jumped on me and started biting me; it felt like mice traps, snapping all over my body and I started crying. I heard the goose honking and my relatives laughing at a joke my uncle told. They had no idea what was happening to me. I was being chewed on. The goose must have thought I was a fishy snack.

My aunt yelled, "Oh my god!" She ran and kicked the goose of me.

I was rushed to the emergency room and sewed up. For little did I know, but the goose had put huge gashes in my legs. I never went to the park again to feed the ducks. That was a pretty scary thing for a child my age. I learned I should never mess with a goose and I never went to that park to feed the ducks and geese again.

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